Flexible and Easy to Use

Sometimes you hear about something being easy to use and then you go into a two year battle with your wifi router. Here's the Chargeduck promise to you. If its not easy you can just box it up and send it back because chances are if you can't figure out how to use this thing you will have a hard time using a tape gun trying to send it back and get your refund too! So we're going to bet this is a guarantee worth making.

Design You'll Love

Everyone loves a cute duck - and if they don't, just dont trust that person because what kind of sick person does not love ducks?!

Easy to Install

Literally - you plug it in - you place your phone on it and you're done. So easy even your Granny can't duck it up!

High Quality

This thing is nice! and I don't mean nice like that guy from yoga class that's just trying to get into your pants - These are high quality chargers.

Endless Features

It's wireless charging - what more could you ask for? Well here are a few more nice features to add to the mix

High Quality Product

we're proud of what we build so we stand by it - If you ever have a problem just contact us and we will make it right!

Color Options

We've got white, We've got black and well ... thats about all we've got for now, but if you want more feel free to let us know

Wireless charging FTW

Enjoy the same phone charges you're used to, but completely wireless. Welcome to the future.

Stays cool while charging

Tired of cheap chargers heating up your phone while charging - no need to worry about that with chargeduck!

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you have any question? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free
to send us an email to support@chargeduck.com

What are the benefits of the product?

Well for one its adorable - I mean what more do you want in a wireless charger? It sits on your desk or table, looks pretty and charges your phone - This is basically everything you’ve ever asked for in a wireless charger is it not?

How is the Charger is made?

With electronics and wires! - No seriously - this is fairly complicated tech, the Qi Wireless charging standard is a big deal and we go to a lot of effort to make sure you get a beautiful, well made product. We also stand by that product with a 12 Month product replacement warranty!

Can we use this outside?

Can one huff glue? Yes of course you can! That however, does not mean it is recommended! If you’re going to use this charger outside that should be no problem but lets just keep it out of the rain, its pretty versatile and its not likely to be affected but its still powered by electricity. Think before you plug!

What if I hate it?

That really is fine. If you have any problems with the product reach out to our team at support@chargeduck.com and we will make it right. If we can’t make it right we’ll either give you a new product or your money back!